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I like to think we're good 'uns.


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> Lady Franziska proposed that "stubborn" is a Northern virtue, and I'm
> inclined to agree.  Some might think "stubborn" isn't anything to be proud
> of, but the quality of stubbornness as a virture is revealed in the word's
> synonyms:
> Intractible - that's just a word used to criticize the virtue in question;
> it correctly means "difficult to mold or manipulate"
> Unyielding - only when we know we're in the right
> Impenetrable - those not from the North might think us so, but once they
> get to know us, not so much.  If you're talking about a defensive line on
> the battlefield, then absolutely.
> Stony - generally means "lacking sympathy", but can also mean "to stiffen"
> (old Danish), as in being strong at need
> Obstinate - a word generally applied to mules, but also means "dogged", and
> "pertinaceous" (a quality of perserverence that may be vexatious to those on
> the receiving end of it)
> Persevering - we will not be dissuaded from a course of action once we set
> upon it no matter the obstacles
> Persistent - like "persevering" but indicating we might be just a *touch*
> pushy in getting there
> Constant - in faith to oath, lord, spouse, or a cause, we do not change
> Steadfast - the Old English equivalent of "constant"
> Unremitting - we don't give up
> Unwavering - we don't step aside or step back
> Unfaltering - we don't stumble
> Unswerving - we don't stray from the path
> Unflinching - we'll take the blow
> Unflagging - stamina: we have it
> Indefatigable - go ahead, sick the dogs on us: we'll outlast them
> Indomitable - we won't be beaten down
> Relentless - once we start, we don't stop till it's finished
> Undaunted - obstacles do not discourage us
> Resolute - if we say we're going to do it, it will get done
> Immovable - this place is ours, and we're here to stay
> Hard mouthed - it's a less pretty way of saying we can set our jaw with the
> best of them
> Indocile - sheep we are not
> Reca(l)citrant - it meant "kicking back" before it meant "obstinately
> resisting"
> Irrepressible - you cannot beat us down
> Stiff-necked - a Biblical term meaning an ox that wanted to go its own way,
> not liking the poke in the legs of the plowman's goad
> Tenacious - like a gila monster
> Tough - obvious
> In servicio,
> Talana
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