[Northkeep] An Invasion Averted

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Mon Dec 5 23:25:03 PST 2011

Vivat, wonderful paintings you shared of your plunder.

On 12/5/11, Jennifer Carlson <talana1 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Greetings!
> Yesterday Diarmaid and I, having heard that there were foreign vessels in
> port in Muskogee, went to see for ourselves.  We did indeed find two fine
> Caravels, well-fitted and manned, but also certain signs that aroused our
> suspicion.  The craft both claimed to belong to Spain, and indeed were
> flying the quartered arms of Aragon and Castile and the sigils of Ferdinand
> and Isabella, the sovereigns of those kingdoms.
> But their sterns bore inscriptions that hinted at the Kingdom of the East,
> and the crew spoke not with the musical rhythms of the Iberian Peninsula,
> but drawls of the Gulf Coast.  It soon became clear that what we were
> looking at was a cleverly disguised Trimarian invasion fleet.  Fortunately,
> the harbor master was open to a bribe, and within minutes we were aboard and
> raised Northkeep’s standard without bloodshed.
> Therefore, we present to Their Excellencies Facon and Keigan the vessels
> Santa Clara, called “Nina,” of sixty-five feet in length and an
> eighteen-foot beam and eighty tons displacement; and the Pinta, eighty-five
> feet in length, twenty-four foot abeam, and displacement of one hundred and
> one tons.
> We’ll discuss our prize money at a later date.
> In servicio,
> Talana
> Damn, this privateering thing is easier than I thought.
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