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Forwarded by request.
The best of this season to you all. Whether that be Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, or whatever best fits


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*To all, *
*Please share the notice below with all your local groups.  *
*TI-Liaisons, please share everywhere you can.   *
*Thank you so much,*
*Baniarla CiarLasse MacGregor, TI Liaison - Caid*
*THE BEST OF **Tournaments Illuminated***


*Nominations are now being accepted for **The Best of Tournaments
Illuminated, ***

*A special 68-page publication planned to be available for purchase in the
fall of 2012. If you have read an article that was particularly helpful or
insightful, now is the time to nominate that work for inclusion. *

*Articles can have been published in **Tournaments Illuminated **any time
since its inception, and you may nominate as many articles as you would
like. An updated listing of articles can be found at www.sca.org/ti/topic.html.
Most columns (book reviews, museum listings, etc.) will not be included,
but feel free to nominate humor pieces, poetry, artwork, etc. *

*Should you happen to have the contact information for the original
contributor, we would appreciate it if you could share it will us. *

*Nominations will be accepted through March 1, 2012, and may be e-mailed to
www.pubmanager at sca.org, or mailed to Dar’C O’Neal, 22333 Harbor Ridge Ln.
#5, Torrance, CA 90502.*

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