[Northkeep] Two food-related questions

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Lana Thai-73rd and memorial,India Palace at 68th and lewis, Great Wall at 71st and yale, Desi Wok at Joplin and 41st- Btween yale and sheridan :-) to note a few
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Subject: [Northkeep] Two food-related questions

I have two questions, both related to food - a subject near and dear to my heart (and other parts, sadly. . .)
First, I had a very pleasant dinner with a group of folks on Saturday.  Being new to Northkeep, I asked for recommendations for restaurants - any asian (Thai, Chinese, Korean, etc) or Indian.  And they gave me a really good list - that I promptly forgot, because I had nothing to write it down on.  So I warned them I might ask again here, which is what I am doing.  I know there was a great list of recommendations on this list not that long ago, and I thought I had saved it, but alas, it was not so.  So, I repeat the request - and will include Italian (both Pasta and Pizza) and seafood.
Second, I work in Downtown Tulsa at the BOK Tower.  I know there is at least one other person here (Hi Karl!) but was wondering if there are more people who work downtown, or nearish, who might be interested in a semi-frequent (once a month or so-ish) lunch?  It would be a good chance for me to expand both my food choices and my circle of friends.
Thanks for your consideration,
Gwyneth (the new one, formerly of Northshield) 		 	   		  
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