[Northkeep] An Invasion Averted

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My assumption was that eventually{after proper rewards,etc.} they would go to the crown but I won't mention it to anyone;I hope there's not a civil war brewing in Ansteorra.


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Who said anything about the Ansteorran navy? These ships were apprized for Northkeep, and tendered to our Baron and Baroness. Now, they MIGHT decide that ships in their possession and service would be at the beck and call of their Stellar Majesties, but I'm fairly sure I remember their oaths specifying lands and people, not ships. Their excellencies could just as fairly assign them to maintaining control of the port in which they anchor and the waters that approach it, clearly a necessary task if Trimaran ships could sneak so close. This would indirectly serve the needs of their majesties as well, since they are charged with the wellbeing of ALL Ansteorrans, and do so without placing Northkeep ships at the command of some distant admiral who could just as easily be fretting about Seawinds.


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LOLOLOL Say,how many ships do we have NOW in the Ansteorran Navy?

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Yesterday Diarmaid and I, having heard that there were foreign vessels in port 
in Muskogee, went to see for ourselves.  We did indeed find two fine Caravels, 
well-fitted and manned, but also certain signs that aroused our suspicion.  The 
craft both claimed to belong to Spain, and indeed were flying the quartered arms 
of Aragon and Castile and the sigils of Ferdinand and Isabella, the sovereigns 
of those kingdoms.  

But their sterns bore inscriptions that hinted at the Kingdom of the East, and 
the crew spoke not with the musical rhythms of the Iberian Peninsula, but drawls 
of the Gulf Coast.  It soon became clear that what we were looking
 at was a 
cleverly disguised Trimarian invasion fleet.  Fortunately, the harbor master was 
open to a bribe, and within minutes we were aboard and raised Northkeep’s 
standard without bloodshed.

Therefore, we present to Their Excellencies Facon and Keigan the vessels Santa 
Clara, called “Nina,” of sixty-five feet in length and an eighteen-foot beam and 
eighty tons displacement; and the Pinta, eighty-five feet in length, twenty-four 
foot abeam, and displacement of one hundred and one tons.

We’ll discuss our prize money at a later date.

In servicio,

Damn, this privateering thing is easier than I thought.
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