[Northkeep] Two food-related questions

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I can attest to the Bulgogi and the dumplings at the Korean place - 
delicious!  Korean Garden is the name I think.  Ainar likes their chicken 
bulgogi, which is so hot it stole my breath.  And sometimes on their lunch 
buffet they have baby bok choy sauteed with garlic - nom nom nom.


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> Downtown go to McNealies Public house.  Blue dome district.  Best cottage 
> pie in Tulsa.
> Kilkennys - Irish bar.  15th and Peoria (Cherry street district).  Might 
> as well be downtown.   Try a boxty.  Think Calzone but instead of bread 
> dough its made with a potato pancake.
> Moving East...
> Indian... Kolam.  West side of Memorial just North of 51st.    Decent 
> lunch buffet.
> Thai Siam, east end of the strip mall, south side of 31st. just west of 
> Sheridan.   Mom and Pop place.
> Japanese:  Unfortunately the shabu shabu place closed.  Sake (Woodland 
> hills area) has good Bento boxes.  But you /really/ don't want to go near 
> the area until the madness subsides sometime in Jan.    Fuji used to be 
> really good.  Still decent but not what it used to be.  Extended menu.
> Out Broken Arrow way Memories of Japan, 71st. and 145th in the Walmart 
> plaza.  Industrial strength wasabi.
> Thai Garden, just east of Rhema on 71st.  Small place, good food.
> There's a Korean place at 41st. and 129th.  Told it's good though I 
> haven't been there in a while.
> Damon
> On 12/5/2011 12:47 PM, Ld.blackmoon wrote:
>> greetings
>> and welcome again to northkeep ; )
>> since I'm mostly broke ( but love Asian food ) I can give you the 2 best 
>> Chinese buffets I've found ( as well as a list of the ones to avoid , and 
>> why )
>> as well as 3 very good restraints ; ) in the Tulsa area.
>> for buffets,
>> 1st, very good , but never remember the name, sits in a strip mall in 
>> front of home depot in Owasso. ( good sushi )
>> 2nd ,very good , china king , 71st just east of riverside dr, only place 
>> to get seafood eggdrop soup.  usually very good service ,( really good 
>> lemon chicken )
>> 3rd,bad, oriental pearl across from lowes in Owasso ( 3 trips, never good 
>> service, food so-so )
>> 4th, bad , oriental something , 71st bout 3 blocks east of riverside dr, 
>> ( 3 trips ,small variety, so-so food, so-so service )
>> 5th, bad , china star, 71st and 145th , broken arrow, ( many trips, has 
>> dropped badly in recent past, last trip, had dried out food or empty food 
>> pans between lunch rush and dinner rush ( got there at 4:15 pm ) didn't 
>> replace food until almost 5:00 pm for dinner rush, mostly ignored by 
>> waitress.
>> 6th, so-so ,another I cant remember the name for, across from rhema bible 
>> school, good food, but getting more and more items loaded with 
>> jalapenos.service is so-so ( but friendly ), never enough employees on 
>> duty .
>> 7th, so-so, next to nham hai , just north / west of 21st and garnet, some 
>> good items, but growing number of dishes include jalapenos, and squid is 
>> always over cooked, no sushi, but good friendly service .
>> 8th, don't know the name, but it is a totally forgettable buffet on 
>> admiral between Sheridan and memorial.( 1 trip )
>> 9th, the Thai place on Harvard didn't impress me the one time I went 
>> there, even with all the warning tags about how hot the dishes were , 
>> they were all so tame I hardly noticed any heat at all .
>> ok, will move on to restaurants.
>> all very good.
>> 1st , golden gate,Harvard just south of b.a. exp. in strip mall on west 
>> side ,( aprox 26th st) small, family owned and operated, best egg drop 
>> soup I have ever tasted
>> ( I have tried egg drop soup in every state and in Canada, used to drive 
>> a truck ) I have literally never had anything at this restaurant that I 
>> didn't like : )
>> 2nd, ( not sure on spelling ) gung zhou dim sum restaurant , they have 2 
>> locations, I haven't eaten at the 21st and garnet location yet,( it's the 
>> larger location ) but have had multiple meals at the 11th between Harvard 
>> and Yale ( old McDonalds location )
>> really good food, and I have never gone away less than stuffed , while 
>> not really hot,( spicy ) the items marked hot will leave a pleasant burn 
>> in your mouth, but you can still enjoy the multitude of flavors that 
>> comes with each dish.
>> if I recall they serve dim sum on Saturdays , and I believe you may be 
>> able to order it straight from the menu the rest of the week, but you 
>> would have to check .
>> 3rd, Mongolian grill , 15th and I believe Utica, 1 trip, but was 
>> impressed by the variety, of ingredients / flavors, and the friendly 
>> staff, only complaint I had was tiny tables, was crowded trying to seat 4 
>> to eat and talk business.
>> hope that helps
>> Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .
>> Arthur
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>>> Hello!
>>> I have two questions, both related to food - a subject near and dear to 
>>> my heart (and other parts, sadly. . .)
>>> First, I had a very pleasant dinner with a group of folks on Saturday. 
>>> Being new to Northkeep, I asked for recommendations for restaurants - 
>>> any asian (Thai, Chinese, Korean, etc) or Indian.  And they gave me a 
>>> really good list - that I promptly forgot, because I had nothing to 
>>> write it down on.  So I warned them I might ask again here, which is 
>>> what I am doing.  I know there was a great list of recommendations on 
>>> this list not that long ago, and I thought I had saved it, but alas, it 
>>> was not so.  So, I repeat the request - and will include Italian (both 
>>> Pasta and Pizza) and seafood.
>>> Second, I work in Downtown Tulsa at the BOK Tower.  I know there is at 
>>> least one other person here (Hi Karl!) but was wondering if there are 
>>> more people who work downtown, or nearish, who might be interested in a 
>>> semi-frequent (once a month or so-ish) lunch?  It would be a good chance 
>>> for me to expand both my food choices and my circle of friends.
>>> Thanks for your consideration,
>>> Gwyneth (the new one, formerly of Northshield)
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