[Northkeep] Pekingese Pup in need of a home!

Anawyn at aol.com Anawyn at aol.com
Wed Feb 2 08:43:56 PST 2011

Have a great little fellow in need of a good home.  My son Aaron found him 
under a tractor trailer rig near his work two days ago -  knew he couldn't 
survive the coming storm, so talked us in to fostering him.  Darling 
personality, gets along with all our dogs. Had him checked at the vet,  but there 
was no collar and he does not have a micro chip ID. He is very  healthy, had 
him wormed. Has one eye, but cute as can be- let us know if there  is someone 
for him. We would keep him, but already have 4 dogs and honestly  can't 
afford another.
As I said, he has one eye - but according to the  vet it is congenital, did 
not lose it, but the one eye is clear and no problems.  He weighs 13 pounds 
and is not more than one year old. Teeth are perfect and he  appears to 
have the concept down pretty well of going outdoors to potty . He is  bouncy 
and loves to play and be petted.
I have attached his picture - we have been calling  him Wiley Post because 
of the one eye, and he is certainly ready for Bark Like a  Pirate Day! :->
Let me know if anyone has a candidate for a home  for him!
Love and Thanks!

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