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Glad ya made back in Ok bro.

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Greetings, Northkeep, and all our surrounding friends and family!
Charmaine and I made it safely to the far reaches of the Kingdom, (ie: Home,
to Heavener, OK), having stopped through Fort Smith for supplies, we pulled
in, LITERALLY, *just* as the first droplets were beginning to spatter
against our windshield...
I have been reading, with some jealousy, everyones reports of snow, and the
making of snow icecream... We have received, perhaps, an inch of snow, which
has promptly blown away... leaving the under layers, an inch or so of hard
packed sleet pellets and an inch of clear ice!
The roads here are treacherous, to say the least!
As my job is 50 feet away from my front door, I have been able to walk to
work every morning, although calling it walking does not do justice to the
sliding, pinwheeling motion it requires...
But, we are safely home, at any rate, and have an ample supply of stores
(and dvds!) laid in, to hopefully weather the storm safely, and in comfort!
Although, it looks as though the SE portion of the state is scheduled for
more, come the weekend...
~B. Talbot
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