[Northkeep] seasonal ritual cleansing and other bits of knowledge

Ld.blackmoon ld.blackmoon at cox.net
Fri Feb 4 17:51:17 PST 2011


well I have made several discoveries by being stuck at home in the snow for 4 days.
1: that the seasonal ritual cleansing is getting harder to get finished before you start freezing .
2: that I should always check the chocolate syrup after the niece leaves ( left like 3 drops in the bottle : (
3: that strawberry syrup makes a wonderful side flavor for snow ice cream.
4: that a person alone can get bored while doing anything long enough : )
5: snow feels funny squeezing between your toes when the snow is up to your knees ; )
6, that real vanilla tastes better in snow ice cream than imitation vanilla .
( but i still used the imitation vanilla in the flavored snow ice cream )

just so others may know these things without having to experience them ; )

stay warm
Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .

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