[Northkeep] They changed the mission statement again

willowdewisp at juno.com willowdewisp at juno.com
Fri Feb 4 23:27:42 PST 2011

Hi everyone it seems that two years ago they rewrote the mission statement again. I was to sick to check. I almost wish I could get e-mail  alerts when they do this. 
So here is the new one and current one, I think. At least I took it from the Web Site. I couldn't find any thing on "living History" so I suppose that term got Axed.
(a) Research and education in the field of pre-17th-Century Western Culture.
(b) Generally, to engage in research; publish material of relevance and interest to the
field of pre-17th-Century Western Culture; to present activities and events which re-create the environment of
said era, such as, but not limited to, tournaments, jousts, fairs, dances, classes, et cetera; to acquire authentic
or reproduced replicas of chattels representative of said era; and to collect a library.
Ok given that statement I need some info.
I really have never gotten to the Castleton event in the last years. I was there early , but I am not familiar with the vision of the event. Or using the modern terms what environment of  our eras,  are we recreating
I am trying to figure out my interaction with the event so I was trying to find out your visions for the event. That way I can figure out what I can do as an individual can do to help create our target time period and activities.. 
I am sure I am not making sense because I have not really learned to speak "Northkeep" yet. 
One of the ways I could learn is to hear about the beginnings of the event and what we were trying for at that time. I am sure it has changed over the years but if I can get a history of the event then I maybe can understand what we are doing. 
Catching Willow up might be a great thing to do as we are snowed in.
Thank you for any insights
Lost in the Snow
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