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More on said cats:

I have had contact from a benefactor who wishes to remain anonymous -- If
you were thinking about taking in one of the kitties but were concerned
because they are not neutered... this benefactor is willing to cover the
cost of neutering for anyone willing to give a kitty a home.  And to clarify
-- you need not be willing to take both!!  If we can get even one of them a
home, it would be a blessing. Please, ask your friends and neighbors if they
know anyone who might be interested.

Jersey is a very long, lean kitty, with black and white blotches, much like
the cow he's named for. He's desperately affectionate, but can get scared by
overly sudden movements. We're pretty sure he's been kicked or hurt by
humans in the past. He adores affection, but doesn't (yet) know how to play
chase the string, or things like that - he hides when objects like yarn or a
ribbon or a ball come at him unexpectedly. (Thus, our thoughts of possible
abuse). He loves to be in physical contact - he's a cuddly boy, and slept
wrapped up tight against my legs last night.  I am guessing his age at 18

Tigger is a smaller cat, with deep gray, black, and cream markings. He's
young - probably only 12 months, and is also very affectionate. He's a
talker - loves to chirp and chat.  He's inquisitive and brave, exploring
every corner of a room, and enjoys being able to survey his surroundings
from atop our cat tree.  He likes to be picked up and held, purring
instantly, but doesn't stay put for long periods of time. He has the energy
of youth. :)

Both boys know what, 'Heeeeere kitty kitty kitty' mean. I just called that
out on the porch, and they came swarming out the open window (letting in
some air to freshen up the room they're staying in) to see if there were
additional nummy treats for them to eat. :)  They've also been very good
about using the litter box we provided.  For full disclosure, one the three
boys - I don't know which, I haven't seen anyone do it - has been doing some
territory spraying, but given the forced close quarters with my two boys
patrolling outside the door, it's not surprising. It would likely be less
the case after being fixed and moved into a less chaotic environment.


On Fri, Feb 4, 2011 at 12:36 PM, Zubeydah Jamilla al-Badawiyyah <
zubeydah at gmail.com> wrote:

> Speaking of said cats:
> Two of the cats are very obviously ones that were abandoned. They are
> extremely well socialized, friendly, purr at the drop of a hat, and know how
> to use a litter box.
> They are both male, have NOT been fixed, and appear relatively young - one
> more so than the other. Visually, they appear to be in good health. No
> obvious issues, that is to say. (The others, do.)
> They REALLY need a permanent home. We've been feeding a total of around 8
> cats every day, for months now, and it's starting to get way out of hand. I
> have hopes that these two boys might find a loving family somewhere that
> might take them in.
> Is anyone willing to open their home to give these sweet kitties a place of
> their own?  once the weather warms up, we will HAVE to turn them back out
> side, and the thought of it is just breaking my heart.
> Anyone?  I have pictures that will melt your heart, I promise..
> Please contact me off list at 918-607-2732 or via email.
> -Zubeydah

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