[Northkeep] fun winter facts, was - seasonal ritual cleansing and other bits of knowledge

Jerry & Teresa j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Sat Feb 5 15:28:45 PST 2011

Arthur I feel you on that snow thing...Shoveling out the steps and a path
through the back yard today, and trying to get my truck unstuck from the
backyard...the path got cleared the truck is going to need to be pulled out
or pushed out by more muscle than my overweight desk job body can provide.
The bald tires on the back of my truck don't help matters any either. I
really am thinking about calling AAA for a tow, out of my own drive way! How
sad is that?

After a couple of hours of shoveling and helping the neighbors get their
vehicles in or out of their driveways and trying to push out my truck I am
absolutely feeling every muscle and joint in my legs, arms, and shoulder
weeping like we little babies for the days when I younger, stronger, and not
such a whimp.


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