[Northkeep] Proposed Northern Regional Names

Jerry & Teresa j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Sun Feb 6 13:31:40 PST 2011

That site requires you to accept all cookies from it for whatever reason. I
had to go to the options menu in my browser to the privacy tab and on the
advanced tab change the option for cookies from accept to prompt then when
asked if I would accept all cookies from the site, I told it yes and it
displayed. I did not create the site nor do I have any administrative rights
to it...so I have no control of how the data is displayed. I did receive an
excel file that has all the same data in it as is displayed on the web site
but it is a newer file format and I have no way to post that file so that
everyone could easily get access to it. The existing web site was the
fastest and easiest way for me to get the data out to everyone.


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