[Northkeep] Proposed Northern Regional Names

Jerry & Teresa j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Sun Feb 6 17:33:02 PST 2011

There are a good selection of names in that list and all were added from
suggestions of people from all over the region, Arthur one you suggested is
even present there. Several of the names suggested have nothing to do with
any symbol that is currently being used in part or as a whole by any group
in the North.
This process is to attempt to get a consensus from as many people as
possible of which names are their top choices. Arthur you want a name that
does not have an attachment with any previously used symbol then list the
names you find that meet that criteria. Let us all remember we are all
friends here and we like each other...this is a friendly process and
everyone is entitled to their opinions. Everyone's opinions matters and no
one is being force fed any one name right now. Arthur you may not like the
idea of using some existing symbology but others do, some may subscribe to
your same opinion. Whatever the end decision we need to try to reach it in
as amicable manner as possible.


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