[Northkeep] Wintery Woes no more!

Jerry Herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Mon Feb 7 07:12:59 PST 2011

Last night around 5pm our vehicle got unstuck. It has been in the backyard    
unable to move due to snow, ice, and mud since Thursday…I even called AAA, their 
tow truck drove by and said the alley was too treacherous for his truck and so 
he said    good bye and good luck. My mood was pretty grim due to the truck 
being stuck and no help or hope in sight leaving me not    knowing how I was 
going make it to work Monday…if I call in due to weather    conditions again I 
feared there may be some ramifications. 

We    had gone out to give it one more try, the last of several attempts over 
the previous two days. My body    aches and is quite sore from our efforts but 
alas there is only so much one    man and one woman can do in the face of nature 
and such a situation. We were    about to give up when some neighbors from down 
the alley came out. The husband    is a coach at Muskogee…tall as me but more 
wedge shaped, a brawny    fellow to be sure. The coach, his wife, and I pushed, 
rocking back and forth, back and forth, while Kelandra drove and    from all our 
efforts things finally broke free from the mire and grabbed enough traction to 
make it out. I don’t always hold as much with faith as I should and    some 
times when things are their darkest hope seems to be all we have to keep    us 
trying, but then again there are days like yesterday when I am left to wonder. 
When we needed it the most, when my body was giving out, and my hope and faith    
were at their lowest, that is when help arrived. 

This    is no tall tale just the honest truth…and it is why I would remind you 
all to please hold fast my    friends, weather this storm or any you may face in 
your lives because hope can see you through, and help will    come for you too.


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