[Northkeep] They changed the mission statement again

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As Dairmaid stated,  Castellan has changed quite a bit over time.   Sometimes because it made sense to do so, sometimes because the new version was more fun.

<Interkingdom Anthropological Trivia> You'll note both the descriptions of the events origin described that Arts and Sciences were separate categories.  Calontir makes this distinction and since that's where the idea got co-opted from that's how the event started.   After repeated efforts to determine which is an art and which is a science  ("If it hurts when you drop it on your toes it's probably a Science") the event was changed to align with Ansteorran norms.   A&S were merged and Bardic was broken out both because that's how it's done here and it maintains the multi-discipline requirement.  </>

On the other paw I think it was Thorgrim who introduced the speed round tourney.  The tourney has become really popular both because the format is uncommon and it requires you to prove your stamina.   I honestly don't know which prize we fighters want more.  The Drighton sword or the meat tenderizer for most fights fought.  <JP?>

And maybe that's the best description of the "Character" of Northkeep and maybe even much of the "Northern Region".   Folks here tend to look for new and _different_ ways to generate fun.   "If one person does it it's crazy.  If a bunch of folks do it it's still crazy...but fun."


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Your Grace,

It seems that Castelain is an event that has never really stabilized into a single form, but has continued to evolve.  This is, to me, because people have such dramatically different ideas of what it *should* be.  Therefore it's no surprise that there are different interpretations of how it began -- this is common in the study of historical events.

As for the current vision of Castelain, I have no clue what it is either.

By the way, "Living History" is a term with a very specific meaning, and one that almost never applies to the SCA.  It refers to a level of authenticity and accuracy that is so high, that virtually no one in the Society can or will make that effort.  That is not a criticism, just a statement.  Costuming aside, we don't do primitive site events, cooking over fire, are addicted to pesky things such as, oh, eyeglasses, electricity, rattan weapons, and so on.  We re-create aspects of history, we do not re-enact it much less live it.


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