[Northkeep] House Wolfstar's Xth Company of Wolves Event! Feb 25-27

Pukhta 'Pooky' Lovtsevich pookyloves at gmail.com
Tue Feb 22 11:24:22 PST 2011

My Beloved Friends,

As the Ambassador of House Wolfstar's Love I personally invite you to
join me in attendance at House Wolfstar's Xth Company of Wolves Event!
If you are in the SCA to enjoy yourself, relax, and yes enjoy yourself
then this is The Event to attend!!

general info:
Date, Site Loc, Site Time, activities:
Feb 25-27
Camp Cimarron (Coyle, Ok) YES, Camp Cimarron of ole' !!! Up their to
the right, mind the speed traps, over the bridge, hard right & where
your fondest SCA memories occurred, or will !!!!

GPS: (for those that use it): Pooky knows not what this is...
Lat: 35.9675509 Lon: -97.2186467 can Pooky round these off to the
nearest Denarius?

Site Fee 10$ YaY !!!!!
Feast 8$ Real Wolf Feasty Food & contact Pooky about a vegetarian
side-feast he just remembered he needs to buy spaghetti squash for.

Site opens at 4pm on Fri (2/25) & closes at 12pm Sun (2/27) Sleeping
at any time is optional

There will be Heavy & Light Melees, Bardic, Hafla w/ dancing &
drumming, a Pooky, and people enjoying themselves !!!!!!

Questions can be directed to Muirenn or Meadhbh @ the following
emails, respectively:

Muirenn Nia ingen Nath-i (Meryn) : Butrflykyssis at gmail.com
Meadhbh inghean Rois : tk_carr at hotmail.com

Complaints can be directed to Pookrenn and Pookhbh @ the following
email, respectfully:

Pookhbhrenn : pookyloves at gmail.com

Respect, Anticipation, Voracity, and Enticement ~ Like A Wolf;
Pooky ~  House Wolfstar's Xth Company of Wolves unofficial Problem
Resolution Actuator


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