[Northkeep] A grim day for Ian

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Oh Ian.  My condolences to you for your loss.  May you carry those 
memories you have written about him be carried in your heart forever.


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>Just a few hours ago I received a call from my mother that the father of my
>father, my last surviving grandparent has passed away in the lands of
>Calontir.  The eldest surviving member of the Herring Clan well into his
>90's. A farmer all his life, a hard working oak of a man but also good and
>kind, truly salt of the earth. His kind are rarely seen these days. Another
>of those gentlemen from a bygone day that had a hand in shaping who I am. By
>far the strongest and mightiest man I have even known.and I feel I have come
>to know some very mighty men.manys a time I watched him move the great
>weight of thick  oak logs and farm equipment all on his own and wonder at
>how he did it without injuring himself. When my father was younger he and my
>grandpa were out cutting wood when the tree fell the wrong way and landed on
>my dad.pinned under the tree my uncles say that my grandfather lifted the
>tree himself enough that my father could be pulled free. He was a veteran of
>second great war in Europe where he served with honor in the Army Air Corp
>as a mechanic. He and a fellow mechanic were recognized for developing a
>modular replacement for the brake system of the fighter planes they
>repaired. Grandpa was always a clever fellow making puzzles in his shop or
>finding ways to repair the farm equipment on his own. He used to run a small
>custom saw mill and men would come from all over just to acquire some of
>Missouri burled walnut, straight grained white oak, or red cedar for their
>mantles or some special woodworking projects. The works of art that it were
>made from timber milled in my grandfather mill decorated the home he shared
>with my grandmother for many decades. Many other pieces crafted from
>Grandpa's timbers reside as treasures in homes and businesses stretched
>across these united states.  My grandfather was from a large family half of
>which were boys and he begat three strong sons himself, my father among
>them.  In his 86th year my grandfather was struck by a tear in a vessel that
>bled out into his brain partially paralyzing him and causing massive brain
>damage. Richard Herring spent the last 4 years of his life living beyond all
>understanding of the doctors who had treated him, they all said they had
>never seen man with so much damage survive. I always thought it was his way
>of finally getting some rest after all those years of back breaking toil in
>the fields. Although he was truly not the same after that, he never spoke
>and could not walk again but he did live on. At 6pm today while napping
>after his evening meal and having had a visit from his youngest son he
>slipped quietly away to go on ahead and hopefully reunite with my
>Many of you know me and know I take great pride in the part that my two
>grandfathers played in making me the man I am. I had hoped to attend
>populace on Monday If the plans allow it I will still be there to share your
>good company and to find some enjoyment before dealing with the duties that
>a grandson owes such a man when his time is done. If not in attendance then
>you will  know where I will be, with my family honoring him.
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