[Northkeep] Eldern Hills Baronial

Doug Copley doug.copley at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 18:37:40 PDT 2011

Thank you to Their Excellencies for welcoming us to their lands for this 
great event!

I don't know who did everything (so if I fail to mention you please do 
not take offense) but I did want to send out a special thank you and 
also congratulations.

First, Congratulations to the Youth Archery Champion - Stormy, from the 
Barony of Namron, Tribe Household - who bested a field of 15 youth to 
win the youth archery championship - this was her first archery tournament!

Also, Congratulations to Griffin Fane the new Eldern Hills Adult Archery 
Champion - Griffin shot well throughout the initial rounds and qualified 
to make it in to the final pairings. The final pairings were a tourney 
style of the top 8 archers and Griffin had to survive through 3 rounds 
of sudden death shooting in head to head matches! The sudden death shoot 
was two plastic baggies hanging by a cord across 2 pullies so that they 
were about 5 feet apart - this became even more of a challenge when the 
wind started to move the baggies as they were shooting:-) Each archer 
had to shoot their baggie so that the water would drain out and allow 
the baggie on the other side to drop to the ground. In the final round 
both archers hit their baggie and caused them to start draining both 
kept shooting and Griffin hit it again to split it wide open!

Special thanks to ~
* Raven for helping me to run the range and at the same time complete 
her training / testing to become an archery marshal.
* Ace and JJ and the Tribe Household for helping with the kids shoot
* Gunnar for bringing archery targets and ropes
* Cian for helping to run the range and help with the kids.
* Water bearers for coming over again and again and again to help keep 
us hydrated.

It was an honor and a privilege to serve as the Archery Champion of 
Eldern Hills for the past year.

Vincenti da Murano

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