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Marc informed me that attachments are not allowed on the list.  I think I
once knew that, but obviously forgot.  Here's the list I tried to forward a
couple days ago:


This is a list of colors used in the middle ages, mostly for painting
murals and dyeing cloth.  One of the major sources for this list is
from *Pigments
through the Ages *www.webexhibits.org/pigments

* *

*Blue pigments
*Ultramarine; bright blue (from lapis lazuli)
Vivianite; deep blue gray/green (vivianite crystals)
Egyptian blue; clear blue (from copper)
Azurite; deep blue (from copper)
 Indigo; dark blue (from indigo plant)

Woad; soft blue (from woad plant)

*Green pigments
*Green earth; moss green (from iron, aluminum & magnesium)
Salt green; green gray (copper salts)
Malachite; green with blue undertone (from copper carbonate)
Verdigris; blue green (copper acetate)

Copper resinate; transparent jade green (from copper salts)

*Red pigments
*Vermilion; red-orange (mercury sulfide)
Red/carmine lake or kermes; brownish orange red (from European cochineal)
Red lead; dark red-orange (lead oxide)

Madder; dark watermelon (from the madder root)

Red ochre; reddish brown (iron oxide & hematite)

*Yellow pigments
*Orpiment; canary yellow (arsenic sulfide)
Lead-tin yellow; bright yellow (from lead-tin oxide)

Naples yellow; dark yellow (lead antimonite) – used mostly in ceramics

Yellow ochre; creamy tan (from clay)

Broom yellow; dull yellow (from broom flower)

*Orange pigments*

Realgar; orange (arsenic sulfide)

Umber; burnt orange (iron and manganese oxide)

*White pigments
*Lime white; semi-transparent (from calcium)
Chalk; white with gray undertone (chalk)
Lead white; subtle orange undertone (from lead and vinegar)
Bone white; white with gray or yellow undertone (from bones)

Titanium white; bright white (titanium dioxide)

*Carbon black pigments
*Charcoal black (from burnt wood)

Vine black (from charred dried grape vines)

Lamp black (from lamp oil soot)
Bone black (from burnt bones) - good for tinting other colors
Coal black (coal)
Iron oxide; black gray (from iron)

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