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I don’t know if you know this but some of us are starting a new project. We are working on a Christmas tree to put in the Festival of Trees at the Pilbrook. Museum.  The people in Moonshadow gave us a lighted 7 foot fake tree and the people at the Pillbrook will be sending the final requirements. 
The first thing we need to do is set the color theme and a general design. 
Last year we looked very hard at all the trees and they ran from ultra modern to traditional. I liked the ones that showcased artwork and had ornaments that could be taken off the tree and put on walls. 
The ones with the needle work pillow ornaments were lovely. I also liked the ones that had frames that highlighted individual work. There seemed to be diverse color schemes and no regard for “traditional” Christmas. 
I would like us to look at the illuminate manuscript for our inspiration for our color theme and general design. 
There are three styles of illumination that people in the everyday world really recognize. 
One is the Celtic style made famous by the book of Kells.  We could capture this look by using the colors of the book and using figures and images. Go to this site for more 
<?xml:namespace prefix = v ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" />http://www.snake.net/people/paul/kells/thumbnails
I could see garland made of woven belts that pick of the yellow and checkered design. Maybe a celtic angel for the topper. 
The next style that people recognize is the Romanques that introduces the acanthus leaves that is taken from old Roman Art therefore the word Romanques I am not sure how to make a garland of acanthus leaves but I think it would be possible. This example doesn’t show it but in 3d works many animals and things are worked into the leaves. This style spans a long period and the blue and pink is seen in many works. http://luna.ku.edu:8180/luna/servlet/detail/kuvc1sma~1~1~500789~131773:Illuminated-manuscript-leaf-with-St
This site give us some ideas on how a garland of theses leaves could look like
This moves us into the next style people recognize the floral style with leaves instead of acanthus. The colors are brighter and there is a lot more gold. There are lots of things in the margins and worked into the leaves to spice up the tree. We could even use heraldry.  I really like this style and I think we could create a garland of leaves that would work.
I like the maple leaves the best. I couldn’t find the style I like on the Web but I have books which I will bring. http://calligraphypen.wordpress.com/
Check out the site and look at the link. All of her examples are simple but sometimes the leaves are red and blue and are very complex and all sorts of things can be found in the leaves. 
Please look at these  ideas and give us your feedback even if you don’t have time to work on project we would like your opinion.  If you have other ideas please post or come to Pop. Meeting this Monday or the Grub and Garb. I hope to have a mock up of garlands to show what is possible. 

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