[Northkeep] Fundraiser tonight???

Rene Shepard reneshepard at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 16:31:13 PDT 2011

Ian, Tina, I'm really just trying to get my head wrapped around some ideas
about the whole faire thing as it relates to the SCA.

To be honest, I think rather than continuing to beat a dead horse as this
one has become, why don't those of us who are interested..ie Tina, me and
you (along with the current or next hospitaler as the case may be), put our
heads together on some the correlating ideas like a demo on a campus..OSU,
OU, TU seeing what or who we can arm wrestle into letting us do a demo on
their local campus rather than worrying about the medfaire.

Coming from Moonshadow as many of us have, I remember being at and seeing
the results of the many many demo's done at OSU Stillwater. No offense to
anybody but I think this has been a slightly under utilized opportunity for
our local groups.

And in as much as I'd like those campus demo's to result in medfaire
participation, I think I am much more interested in those demo's serving the
SCA's interestes instead of a quasi political purpose.

In other words, I think I am done with the medfaire regardless and would
like to put my energy in helping out here where I can.

Tina, you suggested a party. Lets go to the next AnS meeting and see what
can happen.


aka Taffline the utterly bewildered, befuddled and bemused.

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