[Northkeep] Baronial Wall Hangings

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  That made me teary!  Those would be great!


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New wall hangings is a great baronial project. This is especially a great way 
for new people to get involved, and a way for people with artistic talents to 
showcase their skills.

I always thought it would be cool to have some wall hangings that sort of 
showcased some memorable moments from Northkeep's past kind of a way to tell a 
story upon the walls. 

One wall hanging might show stylized iconic images of the founding members maybe 
in a garden, each embodying an aspect of the society: combat, arts, music, etc.  
or possibly looking like brass rubbings.
Another hanging might show a great hunt leaving an encampment with patch work 
pavilions heading into a wood where a black fox, a gold bear, a raven, a falcon, 
a stag, a horned ox, and a lion are all hiding among the trees.
Another might simply show a great feast
Another could be warlike with knights, soldiers, and peasants all battling in a 
And another showing the court of King Michael with a comet streaking overhead 
across the sky.
And another might simply show archers firing arrows into targets.

Just some ideas and maybe others know some good points in Northkeep history that 
might make nice wall hangings too?

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