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   There is a large group of medievalists (SCA, WMA, etc.) at 

   There is a Classified section on that forum board that should be open to n 
on-members. You can both use it to check out current offers some of either our 
or other armoroers are currenly offering, both new and used, and some reviews 
about armorors you may think of.

   It's an active board withj quick page turnover. There is a Search function 
that may help you find a review of whatever armorer(s) you may be interested in.

   There are some finwe deals there, especially on starter helms. There sre also 
some armorers you should definitely stay away from,. There are one or two I 
wouldn't even order in-stock from, as my cash might have wings. It's sad, 
because the majority of armorers are hard-working, and many produce very nice 
work at great value.

   If you check the site iout and have any questions I can help with, I'll be 
glad to try.

   Good luck!


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Ok, I have decided that it is finally time to look at getting armor... 
particularly a helm. So, i dont know how to build anything - where do i begin?

Are there websites to look at this stuff? Are there places that actually make 
them for people? Will getting a helm that isnt what i chose to be my persona 
really matter for right now?

So far, the only type of helm i have worn is like the one i had on last night - 
with the grill in the front and solid in the back.

Any help or advise is GREATLY appreciated!

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