[Northkeep] Herald's office and the dearth of applicants

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Same procedure for all offices, more or less.

1. You fill out an application:

2. You write a letter to go with it that details your interest, experience and other qualifications.

3. You print a copy of your membership card and your driver's license or other mundane picture ID.

4. You send all three to the regional officer for the office for which you are applying, with a courtesy copy to the local nobility and it's preferred that you send one to the local officer you are hoping to succeed. Keep a copy of all of them for youself.

5. Wait for the decision (or a request for further information) from the regional officer. The regional officer will confer with the local nobles, the outgoing officer, and whoever else he thinks appropriate, and choose the new officer from the applications received.

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So, what all is involved with the application process?
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