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For me,
the meaning of the name is way less important than many other factors.

how many kingdoms, or groups can you name, of those how many of those names have 

1. is it pro-nounc-able

simple example............


2. it must pass a GOOBER test
    does it just look stupid

3. Can you spell it, Can you type it?
    no odd symbols, punctuation, dashes dots or non "standard amercan keyboard" 

4. nothing with the word Wang in it......see rule 2

5.  I Do like the idea of something based on the various Rune stones found 
around our region. now that has period ties

Just my thoughtsAngus MacKnochard Bagadur

snerta er vald 

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Greetings All
When it comes to the subject of a Northern Regional name and the meaning that a 
name will hold for us I would like you to consider Hríthmarc. This name could 
have several meanings to different people: in Old English Hríth means tempest 
and what better term to describe northern Texas and Oklahoma.. A land plagued by 

violent windstorms, especially ones with rain, hail, or snow would be well 
described if it were had tempest in some part of its name. In thinking of the 
people some of who are prone to making a lot of noise, creating a commotion, or 
our warriors who love a good violent disturbance, or simply a tumultuous place. 
In Old English, Norse, and Frankish (however the heralds end up spelling it) a 
marc, mearc, mark, march, marche is a division of land. Markland was the name 
given to North America when the Norse first discovered it. Charlemagne divided 
his lands up into marks as a way to better govern it all. To offer some validity 

to the name Hríthmarc there are multiple places in countries in various times in 

period that have marc, mark, marche, or marck in their name...these include many 

in Scandinavian and Germanic locations but also in Spain, France, and Italy. 
Feel free to look these locations up:




Marcha Hispanica

Marche Limousine
La Marche

And now for something a little different...
In Latin marca is a unit of currency a way of gaining wealth and influence 
traits that the governance of the northern region is known for, as we host some 
of the wealthiest and most populated groups in the Kingdom.
In Gaelic Scotts and Old Irish the word marc means horse. The lands of Northern 
Oklahoma and Texas as well known for the importance of the horse in its history 
and even today.
In Old English the word mearc or marc is a boundry or territorial deliniation 
for a region or principality.
In modern English marc is a word for the matter left after fruit, particularly 
grapes, have been pressed. The people of the Northern Region are known for their 

love of brewing.
A mark is also a symbol to delineate ownership as in marking your 
territory...or...a symbol of quality as in a good mark...or...an omen of things 
to come.

So as you think on this subject of names please think about Hríthmarc and what 
it could mean to you.

Most Kindly
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