[Northkeep] Castellan question

Perrin de Beaujeu matwithdents at yahoo.com
Wed May 4 09:23:25 PDT 2011

Good gentles all,
I looks as if we will get to attend Castellan this year.  Yes the entire "canton 
" will be in tow.  To this I am looking for some specifics as to gate fees.  I 
have currently let our membership lapse, so I need to know how much gate will be 
for us as non-members.  We have 6 people: Jehanna and myself, Sierra (13) 
Alexandra (5) Victor (3) and Elena (1).  Will the non-member fee apply to each,  
just to the ones who will not be "free", or all part of the family cap?  Since 
the difference in price could be double in our case, I would like to be sure we 
can do our part.  

Merci beaucoup,
Seigneur Perrin de Beaujeu 

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