[Northkeep] Guard announcement

facon at cox.net facon at cox.net
Wed May 4 14:07:33 PDT 2011

Greetings Unto Norhtkeep and Grand Baronial Guard,

After long dilberation and examination of the candidates, we have 
decided on a new Captain of the Guard for Northkeep.  It is our honor to 
announce that Master Beorhtlic Folcwinesone shall be the Captain elect, 
he is granted the rights and responsibilies of Captain protemp and 
placed in charge of the guard from this announcement on, and shall be 
sworn in as full captain at court on Saturday night.  All guardsman 
please check in with him so that he may coordinate the guard for this 

Yours in Service,

Facon and Keigan
Baron and Baroness of Northkeep
Lord and Lady of Chemin Noir

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