[Northkeep] o.t. sort of oss info / apology

Ld.blackmoon ld.blackmoon at cox.net
Mon May 9 08:53:32 PDT 2011


at our castellan event this past weekend .
I was ask for more information about the Oklahoma selfbow society  http://www.okselfbow.com/
this group of people put on a yearly gathering ( ojam ) that helps people learn to make their own selfbows, rivercane arrows,flint knapping, etc. 
as well as having one of the best woods walk 3d shoots i've ever seen. it is very kid friendly, we made and gave out over 200 kids bows
( 11 and under )  at the last gathering , and several of the kids are also making their own bows.
with effort, a person can go on Friday , buy a stave, borrow all the tools , and assistance from staff , be shooting a rough bow by Sunday . 

in that vein , I must apologize, as I had wanted to start organizing bowyer demos at all northern events, and was going to do so at castellan.
unfortunately I had an accident , and messed my wrist up just before the event started , so didn't get to do much of anything physical, no shooting, no throwing, no bowyer demo-ing : (

if you lose this email , I also have a link to o.s.s. on my web page   http://www.blackmoonarchery.com/     and yes I know I need to up date it ; /
and plan to do so soon ; )

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .

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