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Sun May 15 13:13:17 PDT 2011

After seeing the wall hangings at Castellan I want to compliment the artisans who worked on them. In the medieval periods Wall Murals  have a distinct style different from paintings. There is some illumination from that period that shares a similar style but it isn't the standard form. 
Whoever did the wall hangings that North keep uses did a very good job of translating  illuminations and original work into the style what would be seen on the white washed walls of a keep. 
By the way Lady Francisco did a great job of restoring the wall hangings. This is a job that is long and hard. Three cheers for her work. She did that all last summer. 
This summer I propose that we continue the project by making some things to pull the pieces together 
I have some sites that have some frescoes that display elements of style similar to our wall hangings. Please look at them. 
See how much they look like our wall hangings. These are the standard colors found in these frescoes. 
 http://www.revealedrome.com/2010/07/the-medieval-basilica-of-santi-quattro-coronati.html Here is another site and they have the strips between them . 
I would like to produce strips that would hang separate on sides of the wall hangings. I would also like  to make the wall hangings  an uniform size by adding color edging that matches the strips.
We would need to freshen up the colors of the old paintings and match the new ones to them. 
I love that knight scene and would love to work on it. 
I will be bringing books to populace and rough drawing to give people an idea of the project. 
this project would take several years and is a good way for people to learn about period art.
Please look around at Period frescoes and come up with ideas. The nice thing is if we don't go outside the Pallet or colors to much we can encompass almost all of our SCA time periods. 
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