[Northkeep] Mistake at court at Castellan

Rick Drake ainarm at cox.net
Sun May 22 16:28:48 PDT 2011

1st let me apologize for this update being as late as it is.  I should have
posted this Monday night after the event and did not.  

2nd I need to apologize and announce a correction due to an error in court.
I misunderstood a conversation and due to an error on my part the wrong
person was named as archery champion at the Castellan event.  The person who
actually won the archery competition was Cian ap Dewy and not Thomas ap
Dewy.  I was made aware of this after court and the regalia was given to the
right person.  

In several years of having things to do in Court I have never managed to
goof like this.  Therefore I tender my deepest apologies to those involved.
The Dewy's have been nothing but gracious in this matter and I do very much
appreciate their willingness to forgive an error on my part.


Ainar Magnusson

Co-Autocrat Castellan

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