[Northkeep] Opinion Polling

Jerry Herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Tue May 24 06:45:08 PDT 2011

Greetings Northkeep and to all our friends out there,

The following link points to an opinion poll. I have posted information about 
this poll before on this list. Hopefully this poll is being posted on other 
groups lists as well. If not please feel free to cross post. When it was 
originally posted I explained how this poll is being used as a method to help 
narrow the field of possible names being considered for the Northern Region. 
Also the information gained from the poll will aid the heralds who will be 
working to eventually get proper names with correct documentation put together 
for future polls. This is not a final vote in any way it is simply asking for 
your opinions. To date from across the region only about 10% of the populace 
have taken the poll. If you have not yet expressed your opinion through the poll 
please do so as soon as possible:

If you have questions or concerns regarding this poll or the movement to name 
the region please feel free to express those openly or privately. Everyone 
involved in this effort is doing their best to make it as inclusive for the 
whole region as possible but we need to here from the populace to know that 
things are heading in the right direction.

Most kindly,

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