[Northkeep] Post storm update...

Talbot the Mad talbotthemad at gmail.com
Tue May 24 23:23:47 PDT 2011

Well, we weathered the storm.  As for our part, some minor damage to our
residence, and minor damage to the museum. Lost SEVERAL branches, and a
couple of trees. (i hope to have, at least the majority of it, cleaned up
before the ice cream social, Saturday!) That being said, we are without
power, and will be for some time to come, but we do have a (very) small
generator, running a light, 2 small fans, and a phone charger! The weather
hit some powerlines barely a mile down the road, and took out two homes... I
drove down to see if they needed me, but one of the local deputies was
already on scene. (May I *never* need to use my wilderness first responded
So, all, in all, we weathered it reasonably well!
Thank you, my friends, and Family, for the positive thoughts!
In Service,

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