[Northkeep] Tulsa's tartan - rated R for really garish

Jennifer Carlson talana1 at hotmail.com
Tue May 31 11:59:44 PDT 2011

OK, I found it two versions listed.  The first is not recommended for children and small animals.  
It. Is. Colorful.  And not in a happy-rainbow way.
There is a milder version at:
The second site notes that it was registered January 1, 1978:
Scottish Tartans Society notes: The tartan was designed by Richard Crawford, Chinnubbie McIntosh, and Bea Notley, and supported by the Mayor of Tulsa, Robert J. La Fortune who issued a proclamation to 'endorse and ordain the establishment of the Tulsa tartan'. Tulsa is situated on the Arkansas River in Oklahoma, a State much settled by Scots. Tulsa Pipe Band site states: 'Tulsa is the only city outside the British Commonwealth to own its own district tartan, officially registered with Lord Lyon, King of Arms.' (Brian Wilton from the Scottish Tartans Society, note: there is no record of this appearing in Lord Lyon books). 'The colours were chosen to represent the distinctive features and influences of Tulsa and Green Country. The red is for the Native Americans, the blue represents the area lakes, the green is for green country, and the black represents petroleum.' Confusion was caused in 1985 when an erroneous weave appeared from Amana Mills in Iowa who had taken the count as being the full sett rather than the pivot (Alistair Buchan, Lochcarron). 

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