[Northkeep] cone incense ?

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Tue May 3 19:21:03 PDT 2011

walmart & hobby lobby
I prefer the scents from walmart personally, more selection too.


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after much fruitless searching , i am turning to the populace for help.
at the last event of our great canton chemin noir , i was gifted by their populace with a wonderful  5 headed dragon incense burner , and a packet of " dragons blood " cone incense .

i found it rather calming , and thus when i ran out , i went looking for more cone incense, to my bewilderment , i have only found one store that even carries the long stick incense , and no place selling cone incense . every place i have gone only sells the new politicly correct 
( non smoking ) forms of incense . ( diffusers ?? )

so anyway , does anyone know where to get good cone incense ?? preferably affordable cone incense ??

thanx in advance

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .
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