[Northkeep] Geese, gardens, and dreams (was: Cooking quinces)

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Red cabbage and dumplings, if you want a good German or eastern French meal.  
Goose has a reputation for being "greasy" but this is because the bird has a lot of fat under the skin.  Ditto for duck (mmm, smoked duck legs . . .).  If you don't prep it right, the fat doesn't render off during roasting, and the skin doesn't crisp, and it's totally meh.  If you slash or prick the skin so the fat runs off (you have to drain off the fat a few times during roasting) you get something really tasty that is not greasy, though the skin is a tad rich.  Save the fat for frying potatoes or doing some classical French cooking.  It will last if kept tightly covered in the fridge.

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> Subject: [Northkeep] Geese, gardens, and dreams (was: Cooking quinces)
> Growing up on a farm in Calontir regularly taking part in hunting and fishing 
> that waterfowl act was very pesky...but there was almost always a goose in the 
> cold storage waiting for a holiday. Often I have dreamed about having a small 
> hobby farm with an old fashioned vegetable garden, a flock of chickens, a small 
> herd of swine, and a flock of those brown farm geese. The garden would provide 
> fresh herbs and vegetables year round if done correctly, the swine could produce 
> suckling pigs for feasts, the chickens fresh eggs year round, and those geese 
> roaming about pecking at weeds and growing nice and plump for just such 
> occasions. But alas such things are still just dreams for now.
> So what side dishes go well with a traditional roast goose?
> Kindly
> Ian
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