[Northkeep] Problematic poetry posts.

Jerry & Teresa j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Wed Nov 16 19:38:04 PST 2011

Yeah but the posts messed up the formatting on both poems so the lines were

In the garden green stands a merry Yule tree,
Its emerald needles bright and keen,
The days grow short as the seasons decree,
Ribbons and baubles are worn to be seen, 
And so splendidly bedecked it must be, 
So that merry Yule tree stands in the garden green.


In heraldic hubris humble Northkeep habits,
Where contrived courtly countenance fields crimson,
Crossed simply silvered saltier lays stationed,
Saturnine hue hath humble towered hallmark,
Twixt four fondly flickering heavens flames,
While prime pentangular points doubly present,
About lemony limbed laurels wreathing lushly,
So blazoned barony bares honored bastion,
Thus palatably presented pleasantly Northkeep parades.

Sorry to subject you all to my poetry

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