[Northkeep] Fw: Unicorn Cookbook

Bethany Sanborn bethany.sanborn at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 6 14:09:38 PDT 2012

So a friend from Gleann Abhinn sent this link to me . . . .   Who's up for an unusual feast for wInterkingdom?

This may not be your thing, but all of you like to cook or know someone looking for documentation.  It came across from the C and I list.
Unicorn Cookbook Found at the British Library
http://britishlibra ry.typepad. co.uk/digitisedm anuscripts/ 2012/04/unicorn- cookbook- found-at- the-british- library.html 

A long-lost medieval cookbook, containing recipes for hedgehogs, blackbirds and even unicorns, has been discovered at the British Library. Professor Brian Trump of the British Medieval Cookbook Project described the find as near-miraculous. "We've been hunting for this book for years. The moment I first set my eyes on it was spine-tingling. " 

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