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Posting on request. Please post to any lists you think appropriate.
Thank you.Illora

Unto the gifted artisans of the Knowne World, Greetings!

We are seeking artists from all Kingdoms to participate in a fundraising
auction to benefit the Society at large. In these troubled financial times
the Kingdom of the East will host an ambitious fundraiser during the Great
Pennsic War. It is to be a magnificent gala and art auction featuring the
most ambitious work you would be willing to donate to this worthy cause.
The date and time has yet to be decided but it will definitely take place
after the Pennsic arts and sciences exhibit so you will still be able to
display them to the populace.

Donated items will be completed pieces only. Works in progress or
promissories will not be accepted due to the large geographic area
represented by the populace. Per state and Federal Law, alcohol will not be
allowed to be auctioned but have no fear brewers and vintners! We will
gladly accept donations of drink (and food from the cooks) to refresh the
guests and lubricate their…uh…wallets. If we have too many pieces to
auction in one evening, we reserve the right to put smaller pieces into a
Chinese auction which will allow greater proceeds through the sale of
raffle tickets.

The proceeds will be divided thusly. Each artist will declare for their own
Kingdom. A record will be kept of the amount each piece sells for (or the
amount earned by raffle tickets). Half of the proceeds from each piece will
go to the artist's Kingdom and half will go to Society Corporate. The use
of your Kingdom's portion will be decided entirely by your Majesties and
their officers.

Start planning now! Attempt a work that will be renowned as being the most
sought after piece of the year! This should be a great event and a
wonderful chance to raise funds for our Society. Please contact us if you
are interested in participating and we will send you a registry form or
answer any questions you might have.

Yours in Service,
Mistress Carolyne de LaPointe and
Master Julien de LaPointe
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