[Northkeep] Scouting Metalwork Merit Badge at Lilies

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>Date:    Wed, 11 Apr 2012 19:22:53 -0500
>From:    Eleanor Deyeson

Just wanted to give a bit of advance notice.  I will be teaching a Metalwork Merit Badge class at Lilies - 1 to 3pm, M to F, plus evening casting on Wed or Thurs. Any scouts that want to take the class should study the MB booklet well, and be sure to bring a signed blue card.

I will have a form letter detailing my Merit Badge Counselor status - council, etc - to take back to your troop.

If you have a scout that is SURE he wants to take the class - please contact me at eleanordeyeson AT yahoo DOT com  Space will be limited.

Most camps that offer Metalwork do the blacksmithing option. Nothing against blacksmiths (I married one) but we will be doing the founder/casting option - much rarer.

Feel free to pass on to local lists.  I know that sometimes, families involved in both SCA and Boy Scouts have to choose which to pursue. I just wanted to make the fun of Lilies serve a double purpose.

Eleanor Deyeson

Scouter - Pack & Troop
Merit Badge Counselor
Committee Member
Fully trained

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