[Northkeep] Northkeep Digest, Vol 4, Issue 36

Megan Henderson gs_gem at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 24 18:23:24 PDT 2012

I thought you were putting me down from 8am till noon on gate saturday? I'm still available for those but if you dont need me I'll try and find somewhere else to help. :)
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> Subject: [Northkeep] Castellan Sign Ups
> The following are the only volunteers that I have listed for Castellan.
> Please email me if you'd like to be added and let me know where you want to
> be placed:
> Set up Fri night: Arthur Blackmoon and Ulrich von Budigen. We still need at
> least 3 more volunteers.
> Break down Sun morn: We have no volunteers. We still need at least 5
> people.
> Nastycrats (bathroom duty): We need help here.
> Feast servers: Ulrich von Budigen. We still need at least 11 more.
> Gate shifts:
> Friday 5-7pm: Arthur Blackmoon and ___________________ Friday 7-9pm:
> Franziska von Locknitz and __________________ Friday 9-11pm:
> __________________ and __________________ Friday 11-midnight: Eve Donald
> and
> Renault
> Sat 8-10am: Mercedes and _________________ Sat 10-noon: Diarmaid O'Dunn and
> ____________________
> Arthur, methinks you might have double booked your time. Would you like me
> to move your gate shift to 9-11pm Friday night?
> Elizabeth, did you tell me a gate shift time last night?
> I will bring a printed copy to Populace next Monday or you can shoot me an
> email or call me at 918-504-6510 for placement.
> Thanks so much,
> Dervilia
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