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I also, neglected to mention that ALL of this wonderfulness will held at Will Rogers Scout Camp in Cleveland OK. 

Thank you Ian.


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Thank you, Your Excellency!  I missed this. 

HL Ottokar Luther von Holstine is the co autocrat for this wonderful Northkeep event.
Lady Charmaine Talbot -Feast Steward
HE Theresa -Will be doing the "food with friends" luncheon

Lady Montega - Will be doing the "fighter food" luncheon
HE Mercedes- Will be coordinating the water bearing stuffs for which Northkeep is famous.
HL Thorvald - Will be serving/selling breakfast Sat. & Sun. morning
HL Lady Dervilla - Will be working with me on invitations to be sent to the other groups.
Lady Olivia - Will be my . . . right arm, legs???
    That is a small part of the skeleton that will make up a large body that shall work together to make this the most AWESOME Crown Tourney ever!
Many jobs have been filled, many jobs need filling. I can't wait to work with you all on this.

A votre service,
HE Elisabeth de Calais
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