[Northkeep] Unicorn Cookbook joke?

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I'm told that killing a pure unicorn makes it rain caca for weeks on end, 
and everyone gets very upset :(
children throw rotted fruits and veggies at you, adults throw stones , and 
call for you to be burned at the stake, etc, etc.
I am told however that in some kingdoms , that eating any pure unicorn 
killed for it's horn is mandatory .
according to those sources, pure unicorn doesn't taste very good, and has a 
habit of giving the eater a steady case of the trots for extended periods of 
time ,
and thus is a deterrent to those wishing to know if the pure unicorn horn 
really is an aphrodisiac, or perhaps has other magical properties .

all of which would make for a very bad feasting experience , and in these 
times of feeding the buzz   eerrrr , law suits , would probably not be 
looked upon kindly by the bod : (
but with the number of people preparing for zombie attacks, one must wonder 
if a unicorn horn weapon would slay zombies quickly ????
( much like the unicorn horn sword was able to kill the evil wizard in " 
your highness "  )
( please note : your highness is I believe rated r, and believe me isn't 
something to take the small ones to see )

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .

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> The article I read said it was a april 1 joke. I wonder if any of it is 
> real.
> I have always known the first thing medieval people would do was eat an 
> unicorn if they caught it. Long, Long time ago Mistress Branywn and myself 
> toyed around with the idea of an "Unicorn Hunt and feast". But the Baron 
> of the Steppes thought it would upset to many people to bring in an 
> roasted unicorn.
> Willow
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