[Northkeep] calling all archers !!! oh and the rattan people too ; )

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is there a problem with northkeep list or nr list? 
i posted a message earlier ( 1:41pm ) and it still hasn't shown up in my e-mail ??


Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .
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  some of you know me , some of you also know that due to health issues I am not currently allowed to pull a bow : (

  in order to continue to fulfill my duties and obligations as an arc d'or , I am sponsoring 2 tourneys at northkeeps castellan event 

  ( note : these are prize tourneys , and are not part of the many , many castellan run activities. these two tourneys will have no impact on scores for those running for castellan )

  combat archery marshals please come to castellan , combat archers bring your gear !!

  scenario :  the crowns have gone missing !! having never arrived in these fine northern lands !!!
  the royal heirs have been attacked on their way north. to escape the brutal heat of their southern lands.
  it is up to the heirs  bodyguard   ( only has a shield , unless other heavies are also playing ) and the noble royal archers to get the heir(s) safely to the fortifications at northkeep !!
  but first they must fight their way through feral woods ( woods battle)   where ruffians lie in wait ...
  then cross the abundant farmland ( open field ) before reaching the safety of northkeep !!

  heir is only armored, no weapons , no shield.
  if there is enough interest from the rattan fighters this scenario can be modified to add them in addition to the combat archers.
  all ansteorran c.a.rules apply.

  combat archery not your thing ? that's ok too ; )
  I am also sponsoring a crossbow tourney  ; )

  scenario :  the keep is under siege from ruffians trying to prevent the royal heir ( s ) from having a safe haven !!
  only by the skill of these loyal crossbowmen will these rouge fighters be slain!!
  for they come from distant lands where their magical plate armor is " proof " against all missiles !!
  but fear not !! for these villains in their haste and greed , have forgotten the skill of northern archers, and that there is no magic plate over their beady little eyes !!!
  are you skilled enough to slay these villains ???  or will they leave the kingdom in turmoil ???

  yes, I left out key details of the tourneys ; )  come and see what surprises lay in store !!!

  I was also going to sponsor a period equipment tourney, but I ran out of prizes, and my leather working and bow making time has been slowed greatly by my health issues : (
  so that will have to wait until another event :/

  come one come all to northkeeps castellan event !!  havethe time of your life !! meet great people !! eat great food !!! , and visit with old friends !! who knows the crowns may again be seen in these fine lands one day if we can save the heirs ; )

  Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .

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