[Northkeep] Pavillions, etc (garage sale)

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Can I ask for prices on your pavilions please? (Pictures if at all possible.) I'm also interested in your Rattan (Lengths? prices?) and if you have any sword or shield baskets me and several other fighters up here in Chemin Noir would be interested. Also if any of your jewelry is of a catholic persuasion I'd be very interested.

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The norse pavillion is sold, but we have found more.  We have a GP Medium, cover only.  It has been used once,
and unfolded to check it out once.  No poles.  We also have a 6 sided shade pavillion.  We used it for camping
once, and still have the canvas sides.  Also have other shade pavillions, some armor bits, raw rattan (no weapons),
some amber jewelry, and other misc. things.  

This is also a mundane garage sale with other fascinating stuff.

Please feel free to cross post if you think anyone else might be interested.

Feel free to email if you have any questions.

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