[Northkeep] Last one I promise!

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I will be there to pick up the Pavilion in the afternoon, probably around 4
PM if that is okay with you.  You can call me at (918) 457-0270 if you need
me to come at another time.  I assume that I should be at this address.  If
not, please call me because I don't have access to my e-mail on my phone and
I'm leaving the house momentarily.



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Garage sale tomorrow @ 9am
1116 S 129th E Ave
Here are a few more goodies that Brigid found...
She said :We will also have:
    a pair of stainless articulated knee cops - with fins  (never used or
drilled for mounting) ;
    a pair of stainless elbow cops - with  fins (never used or drilled for
mounting) ;
    a pair of steel clamshell gauntlets (never used or  drilled for
strapping) .;
    helm (bassinet style) with hinged grill - matte  finish, not polished
(never used or drilled for strapping) ;
    a fencing mask (never used) ;
We will also have some miscellaneous stuff as we go through some tubs
tonight - right now we have some garb, table clothes, etc. that we will be
pricing & tossing in the sale.  We will probably find some assorted  feast
gear stuff to add to the mix, just have to find that safe place where it  is
stored first -
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