[Northkeep] Baronial property, fabric, donations, and books!

Jerry at Work jherring68 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 08:37:20 PDT 2012

Greetings All,
Whilst in the process of moving we have come across some items that no
longer have purpose for us. We would love for these items to find a new
place to live with someone who might have purpose for them...

Some of the items we have belong to the Barony...a sign, a box of wall
mounted shields (these might be great to give as gifts to champions if they
were painted with their persons arms).

We have a tote containing several pieces of fabric in various lengths and
widths which might be used by new people for crafting clothing, or to make
loaner garb. We would be ever so glad to donate these for such projects?

We have a whole box of items we would like to donate to a raffle or silent
auction to benefit (Northkeep or Chemin Noire). If anyone is collecting
items for such an endeavor please let us know.

There were also boxes and boxes of books. These we would like to make
available for purchase. There are all manner of science fiction and fantasy
books, drama, romances, suspense and horror, text books that might be
useful for home-schooling, and many other subjects. We also have a pair of
cloaks that we would like to sell they are good serviceable garments. Our
prices will be very reasonable if anyone is interested. Look for these
items to be available at fighter practice and populace meetings later this
month, if that is allowable and acceptable.

Most Kindly
Ian and Kelandra

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