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Melissa Long Blevins hlecalais at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 13 15:56:25 PDT 2012

Here are the final updates regarding the SCA/Konsplosion Demo this weekend in the Shire of Smythkepe:

Friday (the 17th)  we will be there from 2pm to 6pm, mostly static 
& active A&S displays. We will probably start to shut down 
around 5-5:30 since another group will be using the room after us.

Saturday (the 18th) we will be there from 10am until 4pm with A&S 
displays and  SCA combat on the hour (NOTE: this will be *INSIDE* 
fighting). Since someone else will be there after us, we will probably 
start to break down around 3-3:30.

Sunday (the 19th) we will be there from 10am until 2pm with A&S 
displays and more SCA combat on the hour (again, INSIDE fighting). We 
will probably start to close down around 1 or 1:30.

There are 
NO admission fees. Tell the Registration Desk you are with the SCA and 
they will let you in. If there are any problems, please ask for Brooke.

The con site is the Fort Smith Convention Center 55 S 7th St, Fort 
Smith, Arkansas. It is directly behind, and connected to the Holiday Inn

If you can come for one day, great! If you can come for the weekend, that's even better!

Please, bring your finished A&S projects as well as any current projects you may be working on.

We are hoping to use this Demo as something we can build upon for future Cons.

More info on the con itself can be found at http://konsplosion.com/

We look forward to seeing you there! :

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