[Northkeep] Demo Thanks! Slightly Lengthy!

Melissa Long Blevins hlecalais at sbcglobal.net
Sat Aug 18 19:34:53 PDT 2012

Cheerful Greetings,

     I would like to take a moment of your time to thank several wonderful people for going an extra mile for our canton.
Chemin Noir had their demo, last evening, at Hastings book store.This was in conjunction with the midnight release of the movie "Hunger Games". The turn out of Northkeep was VERY reminiscent of some times I thought were in the past. 

  Chemin Noir and her youthful populace did a great job with 9 participating folks and 2-3 supporters. They were excitingly telling people of their  Canton and the activities that they have while handing out tri-fold pamphlets, supplied by Mistress Elizabeta. People were able to see all manor of weaponry, examples of viking wire weaving and how to do it, a couple of different fiber weaving techniques, embroidery, black work, arrow fletching and how to make the fletchings, shoe making, drumming, casting, etc.
  The members of Chemin Noir that were in attendance were (Please forgive spelling errors): 
Lord Laiodheach the Bear                           Lord Eskel                                        Lord Ottokar Luther V Holstine
Lord McCollie                                            Lady Cera (sp?)                                Milady Journey
Milady Angel                                              Lord Igor                                          Milord Jerry      and Milord Pete
And there were three un garbed supporters in attendance: Lady Eve Donald, Lady Mary Shearhart and Milady Debbie (I am sure that is not her SCA name)

  The lovely members of our Barony that traveled the long black road northward  were (in no particular order): 
Lord Ulrich von Budingen                          Milady Emily                                         Lady Ayla von Aschen         HE Elisabeth de Calais

Milord Avi                                                 Lady Zahava bat Hanna                        Milady Rachel
HE Mistress Elisaveta af Isefjord                HE Master Beorhtlic Folcwineson         Lady Olivia de Calais

Many, many thanks to all for ALL that was done.

A votre service,
HE Elisabeth de Calais

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