[Northkeep] a newbie at FP tonight

Rebecca Minton rebeccaj_bragg at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 22 11:50:30 PDT 2012

Hello everyone,
   I am bringing a quasi-newbie to fighter practice tonight. He is a friend from Little Rock, and just here for a visit, but because of his work schedule and the bizarre practice schedule of the Little Rock Barony, he's never been able to suit up in armor and try heavy fighting. He's a self-taught blacksmith, and has studied live steel historical combat for many years but his only SCA fighting experience has been Rapier, and its just not what he was hoping for. So my question is, would anyone happen to have armor that might fit him that he can wear for tonight? He's about 6'0", and built very much like Morgan or Evan. He'll have Robert's swords and shields. He's looking forward to meeting everyone this evening, and we'll see you guys at 6. :D

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